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  • For retailers, a quality brand can enhance how you can market propane.
  • Offering a premium product boosts reputation and quality for your brand.


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A true transparent program for our clients, we work hard to ensure more turns per location by offering a propane sales package that is second to none. With guaranteed next day deliveries for sold out locations, you can count on us to keep the cylinders in stock.

We use next level logistics to ensure a full delivery every time. A propane re-sellers package includes hands on facilitation of all licensing and safety equipment. Our re-sellers receive new marketing upon sign up which includes a full frontal cage wrap, window sign, and in store marketing. We can work directly with client’s POS system, and augment some marketing themes according to the season.

Why Propane?

A fuel with many uses. People all around the world trust propane as a safe, clean, and green alternative fuel.



  • The majority of grill owners use their grills year-round (60 percent).
  • Nearly all (97 percent) of grill owners have used their grill in the past year.
  • Most (80 percent) of households own an outdoor



  • 62 percent of the time, the man makes the decision to cook.
  • 38% of women are grillers. With the implementation of stainless steel cylinders, we have shown an increase in female buyers and the propencity to be involved in this process.



  • Grill owners believe food cooked on their grills rather than their ovens is more healthful (38 percent), while 57 percent believe it is just as healthy.
  • Nearly three out of four consumers who cook on a gas grill (74 percent) normally use barbecue sauce for basting during cooking.



  • Traditional summer holidays top the list of the most popular grilling holidays: the Fourth of July (68 percent), Memorial Day (52 percent) and Labor Day (51 percent).

The Propane Ninja Difference

Get Tanks On Demand

We can ship in an instant. With SMS profiles for management, we know when issues arise immediately, saving time and money.

Peace of Mind

Safety is paramount to long term risk management. Our installation and licensing team is trained to deliver equipment under the highest degree of fire safety, ensuring inspections are passed each and every year.

Let It Run Itself

Automatic deliveries to your locations make management teams smile from ear to ear. We are already on our way before we get the call to deliver.


Something consumers can be proud to take home. Offering a premium product boosts reputation and quality for your brand.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If for some reason, all of our plans fail… you can rest easy with a same-day delivery guarantee.

Your Brand First

Wouldn’t it be nice to know your consumers pick you first for their propane needs? With our program, they will do just that.


Grilling with Propane offers a quick and easy alternative to charcoal. It’s clean and affordable. In fact, there is an enormous market that supports the BBQ tank market. From BBQ Grills to Patio Heaters, Smokers and many other industrial tools run on a BBQ tank.

There is already a large industry supporting propane and its users. Supply chains and infrastructure are already in place for your needs, today.

QouteWe have had GREAT service for the few years we have used Propane Ninja. The guys have always been helpful and dependable. I would highly recommend them for business or residential use!”

– Michelle Waldron

QouteThese guys run a first class operation and such a pleasure to deal with. They are always professional and courteous and will do what ever it takes. I only wish more businesses operated the way Mike and the boys do!”

– Dina Kuchkuda

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