Convenient propane delivery for your backup generator’s continuous power.

propane delivery in tampa
Cooking Gas

On-time propane supply to fuel your kitchen’s culinary adventures.

Pool Heaters

Propane deliveries for warm, inviting poolside experiences.

propane delivery in tampa
Outdoor Living

Enhance outdoor comfort with propane-powered heating and lighting solutions.

Water Heaters

Hassle-free propane service guarantees instant, on-demand hot water.

Unlock Affordable Energy:
Live like a Ninja with Unbeatable Propane Pricing!

*Posted pricing may change weekly based on market conditions. Pricing is based on completed single stop delivery volume.


Customize level alerts!

Track tank levels in realtime!

Consult usage history!

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View your tank level anywhere, anytime.

Our app makes it easy and intuitive to track your tank levels in real time and request a refill at the press of a button.

Consult your usage history and even customize your level alerts so you never run out!

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Why Propane Ninja?
Unbeatable Pricing

Optimize your budget with competitive propane rates. Get the best value for your propane needs. Save more on energy costs.

Dependable Delivery

Uninterrupted fuel supply. Continuous access to clean energy. Convenient and worry-free service.

Dedicated to Safety

Tested and regulated for safety. Prompt leak detection for immediate response. Clean and safe energy choice.

About Propane Ninja

Mike and Peter are the proud owners of Propane Ninja. We offer a wide range of programs for both residential customers and specialized industries who require propane delivery in Tampa and use of propane for daily or monthly operations.

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