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Industries count on us for our fuel. Delivered on time with precision. We are bringing the flame to fuel your lift. Our logistics ensure efficiency and our composite cylinders ensure the highest degree of safety. This type of composite fuel delivery system is one of a kind and unmatched by our competition…

Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Bars, and Night Clubs rely on the Ninja’s fast and flexible delivery schedules to ensure their business is running at it’s peak all season long. We offer an industry first Tanks On Demand to help communicate with the needs…

A true transparent program for our clients. We work hard to ensure more turns per location by offering a propane sales package that is second to none. With Guaranteed Next Day deliveries for sold out customers, they can count on us to keep the cylinders in stock…

We are a company that believes in family. Our customers mean a lot to us and we work hard to ensure their businesses don’t falter. We have a great retention rate for a reason and we are proud to say these ideals have brought us great success thus far!


We have a great insight on innovation in the Tampa propane environment. Using already available technology from other industries, we are constantly able to implement the best strategy for customer cohesion, leading to great satisfaction and longer business relationships.


Fast, Flexible, & Frequent. Our mission revolves around sound propane delivery, every time. We proactively manage our customer base to ensure high quality of service and transparency so we are treating each and every customer with the utmost respect for their business. We are Bringing the Flame.

QouteMike Dodd and Peter Samuelson are enthusiastic propane hustlers”

– LP Gas Magazine

QouteAmazing service! Fast, on time, and extremely helpful in a pinch!They really are bringing the flame!”

– Ryan Pines

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