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Efficient fuel for heating, cutting, commercial kitchens, and powering industrial processes



Forklifts fueled by propane: Efficient, versatile, & eco-friendly solution for industrial warehouses


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Retail propane sales: Convenient, versatile product for outdoor cooking enthusiasts



Winter warmth: Propane-powered heaters enhance outdoor dining and gathering areas

Navigate the energy landscape with the stealth and precision of a Propane Ninja, powered by our exceptional commercial propane services.

Propane Ninja is your trusted partner for commercial propane delivery and commercial propane applications, offering a host of benefits that can transform your operations. With a focus on reliability and efficiency, Propane Ninja ensures your business never faces interruptions due to your business’s high demand.

Beyond reliability and cost savings, Propane Ninja is committed to sustainability. By choosing propane as a clean-burning fuel, your commercial applications can reduce harmful emissions and contribute to a greener future.

Why Propane Ninja?

Experience unmatched professionalism, competitive pricing, and top-tier service with Propane Ninja. We’re your trusted source for high-quality propane solutions and safety, always exceeding your expectations.


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Make Like a Ninja

Propane powers diverse industrial processes, from metal fabrication to plastics production, offering efficiency, versatility, and reduced emissions, driving innovation in manufacturing.

Lift Like a Ninja

Boost efficiency and reduce emissions in your warehouse operations with propane-powered forklifts, ensuring swift and eco-friendly goods distribution for your company.

Grill Like a Ninja

Boost your store’s appeal! Partner with us to sell propane cylinders, attracting grill enthusiasts and outdoor cooking aficionados, increasing foot traffic, and enhancing your product offering.

Heat Like a Ninja

Stay ahead of the chill! Elevate your restaurant’s outdoor ambiance with propane patio heaters, and propane service to ensure a warm and inviting patio all winter long.

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frequently asked questions

What is propane?

Propane is a hydrocarbon gas that is commonly used as a fuel source for various applications, such as heating, cooking, and powering vehicles. It is a byproduct of natural gas processing and crude oil refining.

How do I maintain my propane system?

Regular maintenance is essential for the safe and efficient operation of propane systems. Propane Ninja offers professional inspection services, helping you ensure your propane system’s safety and performance. They can assist in checking for leaks, inspecting hoses and connections, and providing guidance on proper storage and handling of propane tanks.

Can I transport propane cylinders in my car?

Transporting propane cylinders in a car can be hazardous. Propane Ninja advises against transporting propane cylinders in standard cars due to safety concerns. They can provide guidance on safe transportation practices and recommend using well-ventilated vehicles like trucks or SUVs, ensuring cylinders are secured in an upright position.

Is propane safe to use indoors?

While propane is generally safe when used indoors, it’s important to follow proper safety measures. Propane Ninja, a reputable propane company, offers expert guidance on proper installation and ventilation for propane appliances. They also provide propane detectors to ensure indoor safety by detecting leaks promptly.

How is propane stored?

Propane is typically stored in pressurized containers called propane tanks. These tanks are designed to safely hold the gas in a liquid state under moderate pressure. Residential propane tanks can range in size from small portable cylinders to larger above-ground or underground storage tanks.

What are the uses of propane?

Propane has a wide range of uses, including residential heating, cooking, water heating, and backup power generation. It’s also used in industrial processes such as cutting, welding, and as a fuel for forklifts and other machinery. Additionally, propane is utilized in the transportation sector as an alternative fuel for vehicles.