Propane Ninja streamlines forklift propane tank refill, delivery and exchanges, offering several key benefits. Timely service ensures uninterrupted operations by swiftly replacing empty tanks when needed. Our automatic delivery scheduling eliminates the hassle of manual orders, as our system intelligently tracks usage patterns and dispatches new tanks as required. This feature optimizes efficiency and frees up your staff for more important tasks.

Propane Ninja’s advanced propane cage monitoring adds an extra layer of convenience and cost-effectiveness. It provides real-time insights into your propane inventory, averting unexpected shortages, and helping you fine-tune propane usage to reduce both costs and environmental impact.

Propane Ninja offers a comprehensive solution that combines efficiency, convenience, and savings, making us the ideal choice for managing your forklift propane needs.

Forklift Propane Tank Refill & Delivery

Propane Ninja provides ultra lightweight composite forklift tanks for our delivery customers.

Up to 22 lbs lighter, making them the lightest Forklift cylinders available
Translucent gas level, so you can see through it
Meets OSHA lifting guidelines, as at 47 lbs it is within the 50 lbs recommended limit
Competitive pricing, which will be friendly on the budget


Viking Cylinders® are lighter than aluminum and steel cylinders. With a tare weight of just under 16 lbs, our cylinders are the lightest FLT cylinders available. Filled to capacity they weigh less than 47 lbs, which is below the OSHA recommended maximum lifting limit of 50 lbs. The low weight combined with an ergonomic design makes this cylinder very easy to lift, handle and stack, further reducing the risk of workplace injury.

The HDPE liner and fiberglass pressure vessel have sufficient translucency for the user to see the liquid level of LPG inside the cylinder. The translucency feature enables the user to see the gas level through the wall of the cylinder, therefore eliminating the risk of running out of gas at an inopportune time. It also makes it possible for the consumer to verify that the cylinder has actually been filled with the right amount of LPG.


With over 9 million units in use worldwide, our cylinders hold the best safety record in the industry. Viking Cylinders patented construction withstands a burst pressure that is twice as high as their steel counterparts. In addition, our cylinders will not BLEVE, eliminating the risk of explosion in case of fire. This is by far the best tank for your propane forklift.

Hexagon Ragasco fiberglass LPG cylinders can be burned in a fire without any concern for a BLEVE. After a few minutes in a fire, the resin will be burned off and the plastic liner and casing melted. The LPG will then “breathe” through the cylinder wall and burn off in a controlled manner.

Easy Maintenance & Use

The translucent fiberglass materials allow you to see the fuel level eliminating the need for inaccurate gauges on your propane forklift. It is now easy to see how much fuel is left. The FLT cylinders are delivered with proper liquid service valve which varies by market. In North America cylinders can be configured with a Multivalve that includes the ACME fast fill connection for increased flexibility.

Hexagon Ragasco fiberglass LPG cylinders do not corrode. All applied materials are non-corrosive and have been carefully selected to ensure maximum chemical stability and resistance to concentrations of acids or solvents that may appear in the LPG or in the environment where the LPG cylinders may be stored or used. Additionally the pressure vessel is protected by a coating on the outside.

Our Program

Experience a Seamless Transition with Propane Ninja
At Propane Ninja, we understand that transitioning from your current propane vendor can be a complex process. That’s why we offer a dedicated onboarding and success team ready to assist you. Our experts work closely with your team, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transition. From the initial assessment of your needs to the setup of your new propane tank exchange system, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. With Propane Ninja, you can make the switch confidently, knowing that your operations will remain uninterrupted.
Active Account Management and Monitoring for Your Peace of Mind
At Propane Ninja, we take the proactive approach to ensure your propane supply is always in top shape. Our active account management and monitoring services mean we keep a close eye on your propane usage. We take care of refills before you even realize it’s needed. This level of attentive service not only saves you time and effort but also minimizes downtime. With Propane Ninja, you can trust that your forklifts and propane-powered equipment are always ready for action.
Get the Most Out of Our Products with Quality Assurance
We believe in helping you get the most out of your propane resources. That’s why we conduct quarterly reviews to fine-tune your propane usage and equipment needs. Our team analyzes your consumption patterns and equipment performance, providing valuable recommendations. Whether it’s adjusting the number of propane tanks or optimizing their placement, we ensure you’re operating at peak efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With Propane Ninja, you’ll never worry about overstocking or being underprepared.

Propane Ninja’s Forklift tank exchange service for industrial commercial customers is designed with your convenience and efficiency in mind.

We’re here to simplify your transition, provide proactive account management, and optimize your assets through regular reviews. With Propane Ninja as your partner, you can expect a reliable and efficient propane solution for your business.

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