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The problem with using charcoal for grilling is the mess it makes. Make your life easier and switch to a propane gas tank. It is affordable and makes no mess! Also known as the BBQ tank, this product is popular among people who love BBQ grilling. Propane Ninja offers a retail propane exchange reseller’s package that provides full marketing gear, including in-store marketing, a window sign, and a full frontal cage wrap. We also work with the client’s Point-of-Sale (POS) system directly and add seasonal marketing themes too. Try us out!

5 reasons why you should buy from us!

Using Propane Ninja for propane grill cylinder exchange resale tanks can offer several advantages for a retail store compared to competing brands. Here are five reasons why a retail store might choose Propane Ninja for propane tank exchange in Tampa:






The Propane Ninja Difference

On Demand

We ship tanks at the moment of your request. Our communication platform enables us to instantly respond, saving you time and money.

Let It Run Itself

Automatic deliveries to your locations make it easy for you and your staff. The propane will always be there when you need it.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee a seamless experience that is beneficial to you and all of your employees. We make it easy to sell propane.

Peace of Mind

Safety is paramount to long term risk management. Our installation and licensing team is trained to deliver equipment under the highest degree of safety. We also ensure that inspections are passed each and every year.


Something consumers can be proud to take home. Offering a premium product boosts reputation and quality for your brand.

Your Brand First

Our quality brand draws attention and stands above the rest, adding value to your brand.

Customize level alerts!

Track tank levels in realtime!

Consult usage history!

Contact us at the press of a button!

View your tank level anywhere, anytime.

Our app makes it easy and intuitive to track your tank levels in real time and request a refill at the press of a button.

Consult your usage history and even customize your level alerts so you never run out!

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