The Delightful City of Dunedin

The eccentric city of Dunedin has so much character and culture in that you are bound to have a great time. With a variety of local shops, restaurants, and bars, it may be rather difficult to pick the place that you are going to visit in this city when you are out with friends or family. Lucky for you, we have found the best of the best and are more than excited to share our lovely findings with you!

The Living Room


This might be the exact spot where you want to start your fabulous night out with your friends! It is conveniently located in the heart of Dunedin and the concept is so unique that you won’t be able to pass it up. Your culinary experience will be inspired by diversified, worldwide cuisine. The personable and attentive staff has been trained to guide guests through their eclectic menu to give everyone an amazing experience at The Living Room. Your traditional dining experience will be compromised in the sense that every meal comes out as it is ready so it can be shared with the table. There are just so many delicious options that this allows everyone to try a little bit of everything. The Living Room is both comforting and trendy which will spice up a typical date night or night out with friends. To make matters even better, this is one of the few restaurants that has live music every day of the week.


Pisces Sushi and Global Bistro


Every time you visit this restaurant you will fall in love all over again. Pisces Sushi and Global Bistro takes the sushi that you know and love and puts their own personal touch on it to keep you on your toes. On top of that, the sushi tastes just as delicious as it looks! Chef James Keene is a master at his craft and he has perfected mixing different flavors to create new, unique tastes. This sushi restaurant isn’t like any other sushi restaurant you have every tried. It is some of the best in the entire Pinellas county and you will be more than pleased with the service, atmosphere, flavorful sushi, and other dishes inspired from different countries.


The HONU Restaurant


This relaxed and laid back café is purely dedicated to their love for sea turtles. Yes, sea turtles. They love the endangered Green Sea Turtles so much that they designed their entire restaurant around the adorable creatures. Their mission here at HONU is to give everyone a little lovely taste of Hawaii, and they do just that. With colorful entrees, creative drinks, enticing music, and a decorative atmosphere, Hawaii seems to literally be in your local Dunedin city. Chef Kimberley Platt at the HONU has over 2000 hand-written recipes that are just waiting to be discovered by hungry guests. The fact that they have created a doggie menu only makes this great location that much better!


Kelly’s Dunedin


If you don’t live in Dunedin, you are going to wish you did so you can come here every Sunday for brunch! Their brunch menu consists of baked goods straight from the oven, unique omelets, breakfast sandwiches, and some other morning favorites. While lunch and dinner are both served as well, their breakfast is what they are known for. Kelly’s cares about every single customer that walks through their door, and they make it their priority to give impeccable service and provide delicious food on a daily basis.


Dunedin Smokehouse


Be prepared to come across some of the best BBQ that you can get your sticky little fingers on when you walk through the doors of this restaurant. This unique barbecue joint never disappoints with its massive portions which are still marvelously maintained at moderate prices. The Dunedin Smokehouse prioritizes their fresh ingredients and making all of their dressings, sauces, and side dishes from scratch. No wonder why it’s so finger-licking delicious! As if their made-from-scratch food isn’t enough, their rotating draft list only features Florida’s absolute best craft beers. What better pair than BBQ and cold beer? To make matters even better, the personable staff never fails to make all of their guests feel welcomed and right at home. From their perfected, slow-cooked, pulled pork sandwich to their smoked gouda mac and cheese, you will always leave Dunedin Smokehouse with a full tummy and a warm heart.


Dunedin House of Beer

If you are a beer lover this will be your new favorite spot hands down. Dunedin House of Beer features 40 unique taps alongside dozens of bottles in order to accommodate every single beer drinker. From lagers to IPAs to stouts to ales to seasonal beers, one is bound to find the perfect brew for their palette. Both national and local breweries are featured here in order to provide you with a selection that is only the best of the best. Their informed bar staff is thoroughly trained and will walk you through the entire beer list in order to help you find that perfect beer that you have been longing for. Once your taste buds have been satisfied, the relaxed atmosphere makes for a great day to spend with even greater company. Bring your friends or family here to enjoy a lively game of darts, life-sized Jenga, or Trivial Pursuit. This Dunedin staple is bound to win over all of you beer lovers in a heartbeat.


Rosie’s Tavern

This is a great spot to bring your four-legged friend and enjoy an ice cold beer. Rosie’s Tavern is a quaint and cozy bar that has 20 draft beers which include both craft and specialty imports to provide a wide selection. The classic and inviting ambiance pairs perfectly with the great energy that comes along with the crowd and the staff. Live music on Fridays and Saturday nights allow for an entertaining evening to hang out and have a few drinks. To make this bar even better, they provide free, freshly popped popcorn to satisfy all of their guests. If you are in the mood for something a little more filling, go ahead and try their mouth-watering fish spread which makes for a perfect snack. Their outside patio is perfect for enjoying the beautiful Dunedin weather and people watching in the beautiful city.


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